Comparison of Bungalow House and Dome

By reading our bungalow house and dome comparison article, you can learn about bungalow house prices, dome prices and the differences between the two.

Dome are accommodation areas with a geodesic dome appearance. Those who want to spend time in nature or want to create a camping area have preferred bungalow houses in recent years. The types of bungalow houses, which are very popular with their triangular structure, are now being replaced by ring structures called dome. Dome tents, which have a very stylish and aesthetic stance with their appearance, appear as extremely modern houses. Dome tents have a more useful structure than bungalows, with a wooden upper part and a silicon glass coating on the front. Combining the sitting area, dining area and sleeping areas, domes also offer a comfortable use area.


Why Choose DoraHausDome?

In recent years, bungalow houses and wooden houses were the main structures that we are used to seeing in the camping areas. However, the change in technology and accommodation needs and the increase in people’s interest in much more modern buildings made dome tents much more popular. There are many reasons to choose dome tents.

First of all, dome models have a much different and modern appearance compared to other wooden and tree structures. Dome tents, which can accommodate up to 4 people, offer a comfortable living space. In addition, it is suitable for four seasons. Due to its thermal insulation, it has a cool structure in summer and warm in winter.


Choose DoraHausDome for a More Elegant Look and Next Generation Accommodation

Dome models, which are used for different purposes, attract attention with their models that are also used as tents. Dome tents, which differ from bungalow house models in a very different appearance and usage area, are one of the most aesthetic accommodation options of recent years.

Thanks to these tent models, which are also extremely resistant to wind, you can stay in nature without fear. Dome tents, which are suitable for both individual and collective purposes, create a very warm environment and have a much more elegant appearance, unlike tree houses. With dome tents, you can turn your accommodation areas into an admirable structure.

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