We Facility Glamping Tents for Glamping Plants.

Glamping is an English word. Glamping has emerged from the combination of the words “glamor”, which means fascinating and dazzling, and “camping”, which means camping. New generation Glamping facilities are preferred by those who want to have a comfortable holiday in nature.

In nature, isolated from everyone in; The main building blocks of the glamping facilities that offer a luxurious and comfortable service are of course glamping tents.

In this article, we will give you the union about Glamping Tents.

1.   Where does the name Glamping Tent come from?

2.   What is Glamping Tent? What’s Inside The Glamping Tents How To Customize?

3.   How is Glamping Tent Insulation in Hot and Cold?

4.   How Durable Is The Glamping Tent?

5.   How many persons is the Glamping Tent?

6.   What Highlights Glamping Businesses?

7.   About Glamping Tent Prices?

1. Where does the name Glamping Tent come from?

As Dora Haus, we don’t use the phrase glamping tent. However, Geodesic Dome Structures, which form the basis of glamping facilities, which are new trends in our country, are not known by name. For this reason, Geodesic Dome Structures; It is called glamping tent, glamping dome, igloo houses, bungalow house, tiny house and even balloon hotel.There are so many names given to geodesic dome structures made of wood and steel carcass in the sector that it is difficult for you to make a healthy search.

As Dora Haus, we want to provide accurate and healthy information to our valued readers and customers who cannot find what they are looking for in search engines such as Google, while continuing our presence in the sector, while working for ecological tourism.

2.What is Glamping Tent? What’s Inside The Glamping Tents How To Customize?

Glamping Tent; It is an accommodation area designed in accordance with the business concept where touristic facilities host their guests. All the standard building style hotel rooms are in the glamping tent. All the standard building style hotel rooms are in the glamping tent has in that. Such as bedroom, bathroom, heating and cooling systems, washbasin and sitting area eqc. But because luxury and comfort come to the fore when glamping is mentioned, the interior of the glamping tents are designed to provide this comfort. For example, customizable equipment such as jacuzzi, fireplace, mezzanine are added. Likewise, the company that will provide glamping service should pay attention to the interior decoration of the glamping tent.

As Dora Haus, we offer special solutions to businesses, and we have different and comfortable options in terms of interior decoration.

3. How is Glamping Tent Insulation in Hot and Cold?

As Dora Haus, we have 2 different types of dome structures in the buildings we produce.

3.1.Membrane Coating Accommodation Domes

3.2.Composite Coating Domes

3.1. 3-layer insulation technology is used in membrane coating glamping tents. With this insulation technology and due to the spherical structure of the dome structure, the air within it circulates without loss. You can get more information about Membrane Coating Accommodation Domes by clicking here.

3.2. A special type of coating is used in Composite Coating glamping tents (we are really sorry when we say tent). You can reach more information about Composite Coating Accommodation Domes by clicking here.

Very good insulation is provided in both buildings in very cold and very hot temperatures.

4.How Durable Is The Glamping Tent?

The glamping tents we produce have the aerodynamics to survive in windy weather. This Geodesic dome is due to an inherent aerodynamics of the structure. As Dora Haus, we use a special joining system that maximizes this strength. In this way, our glamping tents withstand 120km / h wind.

5.  How many persons is the Glamping Tent?

Glamping tents can accommodate 2-4 people, as well as the number of people staying in excess can increase. As we recommend 2-person glamping tents and we recommend glamping tents for a maximum of 4 people for families with children. We keep the glamping tents set up for natural events and common areas separate from this. These are only the rooms where the tourism business will host its guests.

6.What Highlights Glamping Businesses?

What highlights the glamping facilities is not only the shape of the geodesic dome structures, but also the interior design specific to the structures that can use the interior volume of the dome structure. At the same time, it can be detailed with options specific to the business and concept on the platform where the glamping tent will be set up. For example, it can be an outdoor hot tub or a garden seating set on the lower platform of the Glamping tent. This is all about the business concept and the of the guests it will host.

Customizable Glamping tents in this way will also be reflected in the nightly prices of the establishment with a small detail.

7. About Glamping Tent Prices?

As Dora Haus, instead of misleading investors by giving rough draft prices, we prefer to meet serious investors, offer projects suitable for the concepts of their businesses and give the price accordingly. Because, as we mentioned above, what distinguishes glamping facilities from other hotels is not only the glamping tent, but also the customizable interior and exterior decorations. If you want to establish a facility equipped with glamping tents, as Dora Haus, we offer you natural, pioneering and unique designs.

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