Dome Tent Prices

Dome tents are briefly dome-looking tents. A steel skeleton is formed as a result of the attachment of the carrier structures that we designed in triangle form to each other. After this steel framework is placed in a circular area, it is covered with a silicon glass curtain wall. Dome tent models are special tents created with the principle of self-contained ecological living spaces.

Domes and bungalows they have great differences both in appearance and in terms of structure that. All dome tent models are covered with thermal insulation. It offers accommodation suitable for four seasons. With these tents, you can stay in nature either in summer or in winter. Dome tent prices are more expensive than ordinary tent models or bungalow houses.

Dome Tent Features

All dome tent models have different features. First of all, it is different from both ordinary tents and tree house models in terms of appearance. The specially produced dome tents have a very stylish appearance with blocks combined using triangular forms. Dome tents are built on a wooden platform unlike bungalow houses and wooden houses.

Dome tents, which resemble igloos with their circular structures, are suitable for both individual use and families with children. Dome tents, which are suitable for stays of up to 4 people, are also very resistant to wind, snow and rain. Tents with a height of 4.5 meters provide a very safe accommodation in touch with nature. Moreover, it can be made very short time according to its structure. Dome tent prices are among the best tent models that can be preferred in terms of price and performance.

Dome Tent Prices

The increase in people’s interest in nature brings along different accommodation options. Dome tents developed using superior technologies in recent years are one of these options. Dome tents, which are very different from ordinary tents, have a different structure than tree houses. Dome tent prices also have different price ranges than other tree house models. You can contact us and get detailed information and price quotes about dome tents.

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